A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have an end date. This membership will fuel you to keep your weight loss momentum going.

Weight loss can feel hard when you:

  • Stop meal planning and think “winging it” will do
  • Don’t recognize the “new” you and don’t know how to relate to her or the comments you hear from others
  • Doubt yourself and are expecting to fail again, only to gain the weight back like you have in the past
  • Fail to set a new goal to work toward
  • Don’t connect with anyone to troubleshoot challenges and celebrate achievements
  • Throw it all away after a slight setback or bad few days
  • Keep letting excuses knock you off your path

Eating off plan doesn’t mean that you failed.

Eating off plan feels more like the joint pain is back, or you’re not sleeping well, or you’re not comfortable in your clothes, exercise is harder, or your doctor is worried about your levels again.

I created the Metabolic Momentum Membership because I want you to keep working on your goals. You might have reached your weight goal, but now it’s time to set a life goal and let nothing stand in your way.

I want you to feel inspired and focused on the only thing that matters…your health.

I don’t want you to feel like you are hopping ON and OFF your plan….your health requires a daily check in with yourself and I will remind you how to do this.

And , that’s what we’ll be working on each month in the membership.

My G.R.E.A.T. maintenance method includes 5 simple steps that you’ll go through each day to stay on track, to remind yourself of your goals and dreams, those feelings of being in control of what you eat and how you feel. It’s all about your daily choices and intercepting old thought patterns that try to throw you off your path.

We will be diving in to each step, plus ways to overcome obstacles and challenges that arise when you are on a health journey, like gut health, chronic stress, dining out, and travel.

Since I reached I weight loss goal, I started getting lazy with cooking. I’m terrified I’ll gain the weight back. I really need the ongoing motivation and someone to check in with. Thank you for creating this!

Laura L., Gold Member

Plus live pop-up Q & A meetings. You will have a chance to send in your weight loss questions through the monthly emails.

Emails with access to video links, recipes, workbooks, and challenges are sent on the 1st and 15th of each month starting April 1, 2023. Choose from 2 membership options:


Doing this on my own is a slippery slope for me. I do way better when I know I’ll be reporting to you every month.

Marlowe D. , VIP Member

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