Corporate Wellness

A Work-Life Balance Begins Here

Did you know that, according to a 2017 RBC Insurance poll, 80% of working Canadians report their overall wellbeing would improve if offered a personalized wellness program through their employer?

Investing in the health and wellness of your team means better employee retention, productivity, participation, and new employee attraction. Your company can be a company that cares by offering a program to support stress management, healthy eating, self care in and out of the office, and movement.

Workplace wellness is the secret to running a successful company. Your employees are your biggest asset. Are you investing in them?

Taking active steps to help your employees stay physically fit and healthy will boost your business just as much as it benefits individual workers. 


Why add a Corporate Wellness Program to your office?

When a workplace can help employees to make wise food choices, as part of a workplace health program, it can influence the person’s long-term health and wellness. Healthy eating, active living, and a positive outlook help reduce risk of heart disease, elevate mood, reduce anxiety and stress (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)

A company that cares about the mental and physical wellbeing of your team. attracts and retains employees

An ongoing wellness program brings the company together through participation, celebration, and communication

An ongoing wellness program boosts self esteem and work-life balance

Decrease absentee days that are due to burn out

Prevent burn out

Promote healthy habits to support 5 pillars of health, inside and outside of work

Healthy and happy employees are your greatest asset

Jen’s corporate clients

What does the corporate wellness program include?

  • 1 virtual wellness seminar each month (1 hour during lunch break) with a different theme
  • Weekly action steps delivered via email, relating to the month’s theme
  • 1 monthly challenge relating to the theme
  • 1 virtual clinic day per month, providing up to 8 x 30 minute private nutrition/wellness consults (option to add an additional clinic day to accommodate larger groups)
  • Support and ideas to create incentives for participation for individuals or whole office (earn participation points as a whole group to cash in for a catered lunch)

Wellness Presentation/Lunch n’ Learn Topics

  • SMART Eating: Foods that support brain health and focus
  • Beyond Bagels: Holistic foods and practices to boost energy during coffee breaks
  • Meal Prep for Work Days: Easy and nutritious meal and snack prep to fuel busy professionals
  • Movement & Deskercise: Easy ways to keep the blood flowing during work days for better health
  • Setting SMART Wellness Goals: Learn how to set achievable health goals and discover areas of your life that might need more focus
  • Food and Mood: Discover what causes one to become hangry, and which foods help contribute to a better mood
  • How to Make Detoxing a Daily Practice
  • Natural Immune Boosters for a Healthier Workplace: Learn how to use food and herbs to naturally boost the immune system
  • Targeting Common Causes of Absenteeism in the Workplace
  • Mindfulness Tools to Support Stress & Anxiety
  • Virtual Cooking Classes: Meet as a group online while we cook healthy meals and snacks together You will receive a grocery list prior to the class.

Reporting & Metrics

Each office is encouraged to form a Wellness Committee (WC) to streamline communication between your team and Jen. The WC can monitor seminar attendance, keep track of monthly challenge participation/progress, and offer a monthly prize to the employee with the most participation/attendance/progress (optional!). Each month, the WC will meet with Jen for a progress check-in report, and to review the next month’s meeting dates, theme, and action steps.

About your Facilitator

I’m Jen Casey, your Corporate Wellness Leader. I am a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Meditation Practitioner. My goal is to get to know your team through consistency, compassionate listening, and inspirational monthly connection. I have been working in the industry for years as an Entrepreneur, as a Nutritionist, and delivering workshops and seminars to groups. A healthy workplace goes beyond what you packed for lunch. I set you and your team up with tools to reduce stress, to nourish the body, to stay active, and to come together as a group to improve wellness at the office, and at home.

Reach out to me below to request more information about nurturing the wellness culture in your workplace.

Want to discover tools to manage work-related stress? The “Six Weeks to Zenpreneur” program is how professionals are nurturing a work-life balance.

In just 6 weeks, you will:

  • Start with the basics and build on your practice
  • Know how to improve your focus when your brain seems to be going a million miles a minute
  • Learn how to oxygenate your body with different breathing techniques
  • Find clarity and calmness when your emotions run high
  • Discover ways to be more present and mindful
  • Have the tools to relax yourself at night so that you get quality sleep to repair
  • Be able to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress through mindful meditation

This 6 week program is ideal for professionals who work from home, or work in the office, and are looking to start a meditation practice to enhance every day health. We will begin with the basics and grow your practice each week. The program is delivered via email with audio recordings, video, and worksheets:

  • To inspire a new way of harnessing your emotions for better health
  • To experience several new meditation so you can feel their effects first hand
  • A weekly checklist of action steps for you to document your progress and explore new tools
  • Recordings of 10-15 minute meditations for you to listen to each day to deepen your practice

Investment: $299 CAD

Purchase the course and share each week’s videos, audio recordings, and worksheets with your team.

The Agenda:

Week 1: Meditation for Stress Reduction

Week 2: Mindfulness at Work

Week 3: Breathwork for Relaxation

Week 4: Stress Eating 101

Week 5: Rest & Rejuvenation

Week 6: Using Your Mantra for Confidence at Work