3 Ways To Stay Healthy If You Work From Home

If you have a home office, either part time or full time, you must check off these 3 things if you want to prevent burnout and stay productive:

  1. Take a lunch break and take it away from your desk (this includes not checking emails!) Refuelling with a balanced lunch is the best thing you can do for yourself. Try a loaded salad with chicken, a hummus and veggie wrap, or a big bowl of cauliflower soup and grilled cheese with tomato.
  2. Set office hours. It’s easy to work right into the night if you don’t set boundaries. When your day is over, this also means that any work related phone calls get sent to voicemail and emails can wait until tomorrow.
  3. Stand up every 30 minutes. Getting the blood flowing and doing a little stretch will rejuvenate you. Even better, take a walking meeting or phone call, if you can.

What’s on your home office checklist?

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