8 Weight Loss Recipes Using Legumes

If you find yourself with plant-based meal options on your Metabolic Balance meal plan, it’s for good reason! Plant proteins provide you with certain antioxidants and fiber that you won’t find in animal proteins.

They are alkalizing in the body and feed our gut bacteria with all the nutrients they need to flourish and support our microbiome. Legumes, certain mushrooms, soy products and sprouts are some of the options I see on my client’s meal plans often. Here are some of my go-to suggestions that include legumes as your single protein option. 

When you are measuring your beans, measure the desired amount from dried beans. If you are using canned, rinse them well and measure double the amount. If the recipe calls for veggies, simply swap out for what’s on your list of prescribed foods, unless you are in phase 4 and have implemented foods not on your list. 

Click on the links for the recipes.

Garbanzo Aguachile Verde by Food 52

Eggplant Chickpea Tagine by Feasting at Home

Turkish White Bean Salad by The Mediterranean Dish

Red Lentil Tortillas by Power Hungry

White Bean Dip by Love and Lemons

Kidney Bean Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette by The Mediterranean Dish

Black Bean Burgers by A Virtual Vegan

Instant Pot Green Moong Dal by Madhu’s Everyday Indian

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